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My Publications

Publications in peer-reviewed journals:

  1. Garmanov V.V., Bogdanov V.L., Ryabov Y.V., Zagorsky M.Y. (in press) Ecological and economical damage caused by disturbance of land. Vestnik Sankt-Petersburgskogo Universiteta, Seriya Geologiya i Geografiya.
  2. Nikolay Arefiev, Vitaly Garmanov, Vladimir Bogdanov, Yury Ryabov, Vladimir Badenko, Vitaly Terleev and Mikhail Zagorskii (2015) A Market Approach to the Evaluation of the Ecological-Economic Damage Dealt to the Urban Lands. Applied Mechanics and Materials. Procedia Engineering. Vol. 117: 26-31. (Download)
  3. Zagorskii M.Yu., Bogdanov V.L., Garmanov V.V., Koroleva V.P, Ryabov Yu.V. (2015) Mathematical model of stereo images and terrain reconstruction algorithm based on it. Current Problems in Remote Sensing of the Earth from Space. Vol. 12, № 3: 36-51. (Download)
  4. Ryabov Y.V. (2013) Monitoring of lands disturbed by illegal dumps: forecast of the locations of appearance of illegal dumps. Information Technologies and Systems: Management, Economics, Transport, Law. №2-1(11), pp. 171-174. (Download)
  5. Ryabov Y.V. (2012) Illegal dumping sites forecast for the land monitoring goals. Regional Ecology. 1-2 (33), pp. 63-80. (Download)
  6. Ryabov Y.V. (2013) Rationale of mechanisms for the land protection from illegal dumping (an example from the St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region). Regional Researches. №1 (39), pp. 49-56. (Download)
  7. A Glance at the World. Paunio T., Ryabov Y.V., Malyshkin M. & Kaila J. (2012) Time to act upon illegal landfills in St. Petersburg, Russia. Waste Management. №32, pp. 1280-1282.
  8. Bogdanov V.L, Garmanov V.V. & Ryabov Y.V. (2012) Increasing the efficiency of the landuse. Proceedings of the St. Petersburg State Agrarian University. №26, pp. 295-302.

Conference proceedings:

  1. Ryabov Y.V. , Pimenov A.N. (in press) Social and economical criteria for waste management systems assessment. Collection of papers of the Efficient Energy -2015” International Congress, St. Petersburg, 2015.
  2. Ryabov Y.V., Garmanov V.V., Bogdanov V.V. (2015) Analysis of the natural disasters dynamics world-wide from 1900 to 2014. Collection of papers of the International Scientific-Practical Conference “Geographers in War and Peace”, St. Petersburg, 2015: 1020-1025.
  3. Ryabov Y.V. (2014) Social and economical criteria for waste management systems assessment. Collection of papers of the All-Russian scientific conference “XI Podporozhye readings: Making Up Economics of Knowledge – Condition for the Sustainable Development of the Territory”, Podporozhie 2014: 69-24.
  4. Ryabov Y., Bogdanov V., Garmanov V. (2013) Identification of factors that determine the spatial location of illegal dumping sites. Collection of papers of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) Specialised Conference “MSW: management systems and technical solutions”, Moscow 2013 [digital publication].
  5. Ryabov Y.V. (2012) Implementation of the Random Forest algorithm for prediction of the location of illegal dumping. Collection of papers of the 4-th «Northern Palmyra» Young Scientists Environmental Congress, St. Petersburg, 2012. pp. 11-16.
  6. Pikina E., Ryabov Y. & Bogdanov V. (2012) Information technologies for monitoring disturbed land. Collection of papers of the XLI Week of Science SpbGPU International Conference, St. Petrsburg, 2012. Issue 1, pp. 361-362.
  7. Ryabov Y.V. (2011) Development of a universal methodology for assessment of fire probability at illegal dumping sites. Collection of papers of the 3-rd «Northern Palmyra» Young Scientists Environmental Congress, St. Petersburg, 2011. pp. 93-105.
  8. Ryabov Y.V. (2011) Implementation of the High Resolution Imagery for Monitoring of Illegal Dumping in St. Petersburg, Russia. Book of Abstracts of the “8-th Baltic Sea Science Congress”, St. Petersburg, 2011: 349.
  9. Ryabov Y.V. (2011) The useage of high resolution imagery for monitoring of illegal dumping in St. Petersburg. Collection of papers of the International Scientific conference «Environmental Equilibrium», St. Petersburg, 2011. pp. 215-218.
  10. Ryabov Y., Paunio T., Kaila J. (2010) Analysis of solid waste practices in the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Collection of papers of the International scientific conference “Geography in XXI century”, St. Petersburg, 2010. pp. 240-246.
  11. Ryabov Y., Garmanov V. (2009) Monitoring of the underflooded and overwetted agricultural land in Tosnensky District of Leningrad Region. Collection of papers of the International conference after 90 anniversary of Geographical Institute, St. Petersburg. pp.115-123.
  12. Ryabov Y. (2006) Increasing the efficiency of energy use as a key factor in the sustainable development of energy systems. Collection of papers of the Young Scientists-Geographers Conference, St. Petresburg. pp. 397-403.

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