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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

BP rebranding

It is hard to find some one who is not aware about one of th biggest crime against environment that was done by infamous British Petroleum. They loosing so much money with that oil spill every day that no one of us would be able to gain even in ten honest lives. The stain on the company name is irremovable. But... it's face is rebrandable! I bet in a three years they will re-brand the enterprise. But some good fellows already did this hard job for BP... for free! Rebranding competition organized by Greenpeace is almost over and I want to put here the works which are on the top of my list.

Here we go:

Best rebranded logo:
That's it!

Best illustration:
1-st place

2-nd place

Best wildlife:

It's leading anyway

Best slogan:

1-st place
2-nd place

3-rd place

Best "WTF?!":
Double hit

But is it satisfying enough? NO! Until the lust BP's toilet seat will be sold from auction to remediate (if it only would be possible!) destroyed environment, until every last motherfuker director and owner of the company will be drowned in the oil - there won't be any satisfaction >:(

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