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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Count Unique Values In Raster Using SEXTANTE and QGIS

I decided to make my script for counting unique values in raster more usable. Now you can use it via SEXTANTE in QGIS. Download script for SEXTANTE and extract archive to the folder that is is intended for your Python SEXTANTE scripts (for examlple ~./qgis2/processing/scripts). If you don't know where this folder is located go Processing -> Options and configuration -> Scripts -> Scripts folder, see the screenshot:

Processing options

Now restart QGIS and in SEXTNTE Toolbox go to Scripts. You will notice new group named Raster processing. There the script named Unique values count will be located:

Launch it and you will see its dialogue window:

Unique values count script main window
Main window

Note that Help is available:
Unique values count script help tab

Either single- or multi-band rasters are accepted for processing. After the raster is chosen (input field) one need to decide whether to round values for counting or not. If no rounding is needed - leave 'round values to ndigits' field blank. Otherwise enter needed value there. Note that negative values are accepted - this will round values to ndigits before decimal point.

When the set up is finished hit the Run button. You will get something like this:
Result window
Result window

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