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Monday, September 27, 2010

Lithic age or how to prove your working place on Linkedin.com

I've decided to update my profile on the Linkedin. They asked for my corporate e-mail to get a conformation that I do work there. That's meanly to require such things! Why in the hell should I provide Linkedin with my corporate e-mail?! (or a password for my own e-mail "to search for contacts"?!)

It is on the one hand... On the other... I do not have a corporate e-mail just because there are no corporate e-mails in my Scientific-Research Centre of wounds. We're still in lithic age here...

Ok, damn Linked in wants a conformation... Let's search for official e-mail of the Centre... There is no official e-mail... Providing own e-mail of the director (that is actually used as official e-mail) is not a good idea... Ok, I will feed you with own e-mail (domain name is mail.ru) of the head of laboratory... After entering that e-mail, Linkedin killed me with a warning:

Drop the curtain...

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