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Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to get a heart attak at 27?

That is the first question in my head after the 1st minute of the "When You're Strange" documentary. The recipe is simple: one just have to drink hard, take LCD and cocaine at least for 54 months (exact terms and results may vary).

Actually, the film is very good and definitely you should see it. And not a censured version as I did.  That is a stupid idea to censor an archived tapes, especially when it is about "The Doors" rock band and its singer - Jim Morrison. Unfortunately uncensored version is very hard to find and in a downloaded file you can find something different to the desired. - Consider yourself warned!

Despite the answer for the first question was simple, the answers for the others remained a mystery to me. Why does Jim Morrison was so wasted during this period of his life? Why does no one was able to help him to get rid of alcohol and drug addiction, especially when the profits of the band depended on him? Or may be it is just some kind of poet's curse - to die prematurely?

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