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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Donetsk Label at OpenStreetMap

Now, when Donetsk became the hot spot of the civil war at the Ukraine I decided to take a glance at the map of the war zone. Of course I used OSM for this. But despite I knew the approximate location of the city I couldn't find it for several minuets. I was confused... The reason was that "Donetsk" label (label of the city which is the administrative center of the Donetskaya region BTW) at the scales smaller than 10 km is suppressed by the label of adjusted town "Makeevka". WTF?! 

"Donetsk" ("Донецьк") label at OSM is suppressed by the label of adjusted town


  1. "Сivil war"... FYI, there is no civil war here in Ukraine, less listen your TV and other media. We have here full-scaled war initiated by Russia. I live here and see this everyday. Russian soldiers, russian weapons.

    1. [Wow!!! How well propaganda against Russia is organised. I'm impressed... for real!]. Dear EMPLOYEE OF THE UKRAINE (EU, USA) GOVERNMENT, FYI I'm not dumb, I know how does fascists looks like and how they act. And BTW I have relatives in Ukraine... So GO AND FUCK YOURSELF with your bank card and GET THE FUCK OUT FROM MY BLOG! Any other anonymous comments on this post will be deleted. P.S. Dear readers, I beg your pardon for a strong language but that nasty propagandist provoked me T_T

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