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Monday, February 14, 2011

R-commander installation in openSUSE

Thanks to this post I was able to install R-commander in openSUSE.  I've modified recipe a bit and don't want to search for it the next time.

You have to perform several steps:
  1. Install R-base and R-base-devel packages from here.
  2. Install gfortran :~> sudo zypper install gcc-fortran
  3. :~> su
  4. [as root] start R  : # R
  5. In R console type > install.packages("Rcmdr", dependencies=TRUE)
  6. You will receive several warnings after installation - fuck that shit.
  7. In R console type > library(Rcmdr). A warning window about missing packages will appear - click Ok to allow installation.
  8. In R console type > library(Rcmdr) and enjoy R-commander!
P.S. R is a powerful programme, but it has a shitty name to search for. I was close to start shitting bricks when tried to find repositories with R in the first place.

UPD: you could also need (al least for another libraries installation) following packages: xorg-x11-devel, mesa-devel, gcc-c++, libpng-devel, tcltk.  

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  1. Thanks for this!! I found it after trying to decipher the R-documentation for several hours. This was a piece of cake. You should send it to CRAN.

    Cheers, AndyL