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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lamps: Philips vs Ecowatt contest

Today I had to replace a couple of lamps in my chandelier. As usual I had to choose in the market what kind of lamps I should buy: regular or energy-efficient. Energy efficient lamps are  5-10 times more expensive than regular, also they claim that they last longer, but... Often I heard that such lamps do not survive estimated time, and the last year I had to replace 2 energy-efficient lamps  myself (but I do not know for how long they were in use). 

Another problem is utilisation. There is no problem for utilisation of the regular lamps, but you can't just throw away energy-efficient lamp because of the mercury in it. There is NO SYSTEM FOR UTILISATION OF ENERGY-EFFICIENT LAMPS USED BY POPULATION IN FUCKING RUSSIA (but it exists for juridical persons), even if this retarded president Medvedev ordered to get rid of the regular lamps in a few years. There is pathetic eco-mobile in St. Petersburg, which is supposed to collect 75 000(!!!) tons per year of hazardous waste from population. Who will search across the web to find out its timetable? Only guys from the Greenpeace and other greens like me. Normal (mindless) people just throw these lamps with other waste.

Ok, I decided to figure out whether the energy-efficient lamps worth its costs and additional efforts for its utilisation. I bought 2 lamps: not the cheapest frost-glass regular lamp from Philips and energy-efficient from Ecowatt (5 times more expensive than Philips). See the comparison at the picture:

Seems that single Ecowatt lamp is equal to 8 lamps from Phillips and consume less power. Ok, I will place both this lamps into my chandelier and will replace every broken Philips lamp with the same one. We'll see how many Philips lamps will Ecowatt survive.

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