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Friday, February 11, 2011

musora.bolshe.net launched 500 actions to get rid of illegal dumps

Musora.bolshe.net [No.more.waste - my unofficial translation to English] is another environmental-oriented NGO in Russia. Fellows try to solve multiple waste problems like separate waste collection and illegal dumping (but not illegal landfilling - unfortunately, this fish is not for their teeth for now) in countries of the former USSR.

Guys were inspired by Estonian Let's do it project and its international offspring and decided to carry out 500 actions to get rid of illegal dumps on the 15 of May.  Hope that information about locations and composition of illegal dumps they're asking to provide is going to be reflected at the Global waste map

Musora.bolshe.net created a map for the scheduled actions. There are only 3 actions at the moment, hope this number will grow. You can pick up an action from this map and take part in it.

P.S. When I discovered Global waste map today there were only a couple of places with litter in St. Petersburg and whole Russia. Immediately I decided to reveal some of the "inconvenient truth" to the civilised world and upload data about large illegal landfill inside the borders of St.Petersburg  and a thematic "photo" (RGB true-color + panchrom composition from WorldVeiw-2 imagery). Seems, it is the largest illegal landfill in Europe at this map. Unfortunately I have to register (don't know if I will) before I will be able to edit composition of the illegal landfill.

40 000 m3 illegal landfill inside St. Petersburg

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