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Monday, July 12, 2010

Lucky data mining

It was a lucky day for data mining!

I believe, you know that if you try to get some spatial information in Russia then you'll eventual start to shit bricks. I remember for one project I've been calling to the response person in one regional committee for 3 or 4 month asking about my request (while they must give you response during 30 days), I do remember that they prepared some answer, but I do not remember if I finally managed to my information!

But for now I'm working on a waste management project in Finland. Today I asked someone (we've never met or spoke before) to give me some spatial information for my research. I had no hope that she'll share it! BUT I WAS WRONG! I've almost cried while reading the e-mail. It was like: Yes, sure! Here you are! Use it well and don't forget to leave a proper reference in your research. By the way, I can send you more in different formats!

I wish I ever get such response in Russia!

For another part of my research I need fire spatial data. It is available at FIRMS site, but they provide only 2 month old data when I need data for past 10 years. So I asked guys if it is possible to get data for several years. Guess what they answered! Yes, sure! We're just in the middle of developing request page, so help yourself and test it in the process!

Yeah baby! It's a smell of civilized world! Too bad that I have to get back to Russia in a several months...

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