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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A world without religion

Here you are a nice demotivator.

I believe if we'll keep the caption and replace the picture with the following one the demotivator will be much deeper...


  1. NO. We definitely should stick with the first one. How can the second one be deeper? there was so much pain and suffering caused by the 9/11 attacks, and the second one, well, it's just a big statue.

  2. Dear Aninimous, the second one is deeper indeed. Suffering of the people is not the point of this post. If there would not be religion, not only this statue of Buddha wouldn't be destroyed, but there would not be this great statue at all, but there would not be a great deal of awesome artefacts. DO IMAGINE our world without religion - there would be just a rock instead of the statue on the second picture, just a desert instead of pyramids in Egypt, etc. DO IMAGINE our WORLD WITHOUT RELIGION - it will be completely different place!

    Demotivator's caption was not good enough, just because its author didn't try to do what he asked. But I would like to live in the world without religion nevertheless.