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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blogs of the ex-NGO "Russian Geographical Society" - a model of the freedom of speech in Russia

Several months ego dead NGO "Russian Geographical Society" was possessed by a dreadful evil  (Putin&Co) and animated. Only the Holy Smite would be able to destroy this undead and save the future of the Russian Geography. 

De jure Russian Geographical Society (RGS) is still an "NGO", but the quotation marks are more important than the letters in this case. Recently they've launched the GEOblogs. Pathetic...

I've checked it out and found some really stupid shit in some of the posts. Anfortunately I was unable to leave a comment or something - there were no openID at these blogs or even a possibility to register (cause you need an invitation)!

There was a pal of mine among the GEObloggers and I've send him an e-mail: asked him about the situation with the EdRo (a nickname for  the major piece of shit) and RGS, his involvement; suggested to demand an openID and to blog about an important stuff, like corruption of the RGS... His reply was quite sincere  and I was unable not to paste the part of it here even if normally I do not share a private correspondence (the background colour and the [brackets] are mine):
"Привет! это же госструктура, вот и боятся они пока открытых блогов и возможности всеобщих комментариев. Пишу там только по случаю знакомства с их редактором. Я уже давно им об openID говорил.
По этой же причине [что РГО на самом деле - госструктура] там не стоит писать о чём-либо важном или плохом, а можно только об чём-то общем и позитивном.
Я далеко не фанат нынешней власти РГО (и уж тем более я не фанат ЕдРа), но любая серьёзная негативная новость на сайте окажется последней для её автора. Да и удалят раньше, чем кто-либо прочитает..."
 The same in English:
"Hi! this is the state structure, so for now they fear an open blogs and they fear to let everyone comment posts. I'm able to post there only because I'm the acquaintance of the editor. I've  already told them about the openID a long time ago.
For the same reason [that the RGS is not an NGO, but the state structure] you should not to write about something important or negative - only about something general and positive.
I'm far not a fan of the current authority of the RGS (and even more so I'm not a fan of the EdRo), but any important negative news at the site will be the last for its author. And they will delete it sooner than anyone will be able to read it..."
The point is that RGS is really the state structure under the "NGO" lable, and no one will let someone to post some important negative news (i.e. the truth) on this site. This is the model of the relationship between government and society in Russia and the model of the freedom of speech: a guy with the bad news - a dead guy.

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