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Monday, January 24, 2011

iPad: designed 10 years later as supposed to be?

I've discovered article in an old journal yesterday. This article about future computers was written in 1988. There was a competition organised by "Apple" about what will be a PC in 2000. Following description won: it will have the size of an exercise book with only "Power" button, touch-screen display, build-in GPS, wireless interface and an option to find location of the lost computer. Definitely it is a portrait of the iPad. And "Apple" definitely was sure that it was possible to have it in 2000 (otherwise this version wouldn't be rewarded). So the next time you will be at the Apple store, point at the iPad and ask: "What took you so long, guys? I was expecting this shit like ten years ago!"

UPD: This picture above (original picture, actually) has an interesting history. I shoot it 22 of January, the next day I showed to the friend of mine, he copied it and on the next day showed it to his friend, who posted it at his death LiveJournal, and then it appeared there at habrahabr.ru. I suppose I should think about leaving watermarks at my pictures before showing to anyone ;-)

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