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Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Dialogue With Bot

Back in the days when ICQ was popular spam bots added you to their contact lists dozens times a day. But they were brute and ugly. At first they spew their spam links at your face when you added them, then they simply started to insert spam links in the body of the invitation. ICQ is long dead and spam-bots never bothered me in modern protocols... until some time ago.

A contact with the nick-name dazzling.chick9 (according to the profile - a 22 (or so) years old girl) added my on skype. Well, I felt it was bot, but added it anyway. For reasons unknown it was unable to chat with me several times. It sent me messages like 'hi' or 'hello', but didn't respond to me further. These greetings were sent the second I connected to the skype - it was obvious that these messages could be sent only by bot. But I waited patiently and today it finally started to talk to me:

[13:51:52] Amanda: hi
[13:52:26] Me: hi
[13:52:55] Amanda: how are you? i'm Amanda, I saw your Skype in the skype directory.  wanna chat ?
[13:53:26] Me: chat about what?
[13:53:56] Amanda: I cannot wait until the summer is actually here, i can tone up my body more
[13:55:46] Me: wow, you really think you can pass turing test?
[13:55:53] Me: lol
[13:56:14] Amanda: i love too show what i have, i love the attention from guys
[13:56:15] Amanda: what should i wear? yoga pants or spandex?
[13:58:48] Me: a spanch bob outfit maybe? this bot is lame cause it doesn't attempt to understand what I'm talking about
[13:59:18] Amanda: well, i sort of have my just a top on atm so you wanna c how it looks?
[14:00:06] Me: yeah baby, send me that spam/scam/fishing link you prepared for me
[14:00:38] Amanda: my brothers computer does have a cam all you have 2 do is go two http://goo.gl/scam_or_virus_link
[14:00:55] Me: bingo!
[14:01:27] Amanda: I love this way because its always works + its free. this way no one else sees. If my mom saw what i want too show you i would kill myself.
[14:01:50] Me: I would love to see that
[14:02:03] Me: (how you kill yourself)
[14:02:22] Amanda: i sorta want you two chat to me kinda dirty. i love being talked down to.
[14:03:17] Me: Am I not dirty enough, stupid bot?
[14:03:49] Amanda: you make me really wet, listen i got it all ready, i will b there 4 you
[14:05:05] Me: great! You know, I knew you are bot before you asked me "how are you?"
[14:05:21] Amanda: k
[14:05:31] Me: do you want to know how I knew it?
[14:06:33] Me: if you want - just ask me ;-)
[14:07:26] Me: Any way it was fun, dude)))

I wonder how stupid people could be to sink that some random chick would approach them with a free striptease offer? Though I was amused with participation in the real-life Turing test. This bot imitated typing: it inserted message and waited about 30 second to actually send it so I would see 'typing...' indication in chat window, though this disguise was ruined in its 4-th and 5-th messages which had only a second between them. Also the story told in conversation does not correspond to age indicated in profile - only a teenagerwould be concerned about her mom and use a brother's computer, not a 22+ woman. Amanda stopped responding and I blocked her and reported abuse. Also I never dared to follow the link despite I'm using Linux, what if I really missed a free striptease? ;-)

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